Brazilian Cavaco & Cavaquinho

Buy your Brazilian Cavaco or Cavaquinho and get it directly in your address anywhere in North America or Europe. 

TuCuatro ships the Cavacos and the Cavaquinhos directly from our warehouse in Brazil to anywhere in the world! If you live in the United States, for example, now you can easily add a Cavaquinho to your collection of string instruments. Just select the model that you would like to have and it will get hand-picked by our team of musicians and shipped to your address from our warehouse in Brazil.

The Cavaquinho, a very popular instrument in Brazil, is now available at TuCuatro. You'll get your instrument at your doors, tested by one of our musicians to assure the quality and without paying excessive shipping costs!

Also note, that we are able to source other types of cavaquinhos and Brazilian instruments, even if they are not listed here, as our manager in Brazil can request the specific unit you want to be sent to our warehouse. Just contact us if you're looking for a Cavaquinho premium model or a specific type of Brazilian instrument.