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The Country is going through a crisis of enormous proportions. We're able to ship from Venezuela but couriers are charging unbelievably high amounts. If you have someone inside Venezuela able to receive the instrument, we are offering national local shipping inside the country for free. If you prefer to have it shipped to your country, calculate shipping prices at checkout (note that they will be very expensive).

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Our Short Body 15 Frets Cuatro is ideal for whoever wants to have a modern cuatro without expending too much money.  If you are just getting started, then this is the Cuatro for you!

This authentic cuatro has a short body, which makes it looks more modern than the 15 frets traditional shape.  It is very easy to carry everywhere and ideal to show to friends and use in "parrandas"! Simple, affordable and easy to play.

The Cuatro is a re-entrant instrument so you will need special strings.

Aprox. size:  78 cm length, 25cm width.

Cedar & Pine Cuatro characteristics:

  • 15 frets
  • Cedar & Pine Wood
  • Short Body
  • Light Weight
  • Includes Hard Case
  • Worldwide Shipping (Cost calculated at checkout)
  • Estimated shipping time 10 to 15 business days

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El cuatro de Cedro & Pino es un instrumento ideal para practicar y poder usar en toda clase de situación. Su sonido es opaco, neutro y de buena calidad.  Este cuatro es ideal para estudiantes que quieran tener un modelo un poco más moderno que el cuatro tradicional.

Este Cuatro lleva 15 trastes con forma redondeada tradicional y cuerpo delgado.

¡Sencillo, economico y facil de tocar!  El cuatro posee una calidad decente que te permitirá practicar y aprender a tocar.

Tamaño Aproximado:  78 cm largo, 25cm ancho.

  • 15 trastes
  • Cedro & Pino
  • Cuerpo Delgado
  • Estuche suave o rígido disponible adicionalmente
  • Cursos Online de TuCuatro (2 años) incluido
  • Envio Internacional (Costo calculado al checkout)
  • Tiempo estimado de entrega 10 a 15 días hábiles


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Cedar & Pine Cuatro 15 Frets Short Body / Cuatro Venezolano de Cedro & Pino 15 Trastes Delgado

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