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NOTE: Shipping from Venezuela is Halted!
The Country is going through a crisis of enormous proportions. We will be halting operations at our venezuelan warehouse for the time being. We will only ship this instrument to addresses INSIDE the country.

100% meticulously made by an Artisan from South America

Contains Mini Rice, mini Beef, mini Beans and a mini Egg, hand made with a fascinating attention to detail.

An extraordinary gift for anyone who wants to bring the caribbean culture to the house

This type of food is part of the culture in countries like Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Trinidad & Tobago & Caribbean Islands

Aprox. Size 3inch x 3inch

Hand Made by a Venezuelan Artisan, this magnet showcases the typical food dish that is served in almost every Caribbean Country. Don't miss the chance to have this cute mini caribbean dish on your Fridge!


Pabellon Venezuela / Caribe - Fridge Magnet

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