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Bandola Llanera Cedar Dark Brown / Cedro Oscuro

Would you imagine having a real and authentic Bandola Llanera?

We have extraordinary news for you! TuCuatro has made possible for you to fulfill that dream...  We're trilled to let you know that the authentic Bandolais now available and shipping to any country!

Each Bandola is carefully selected, tested by a professional and placed into a wooden box to guarantee it will arrive in perfect conditions to your doors. Overcome the distance and get to play the real Bandola.  

Buy today and receive it at your door in max two weeks! And best of all, as soon as you receive it you can Turbo-charge your learning with our online Bandola Llanera course!


    Japanese Master Yasuji D'Gucci has created the first instructional online course dedicated to the teachings of the Bandola Llanera and you get it for free when you buy this Bandola. Master D'Gucci will personally review each of your assignments and give you comments about your progress.

    This product includes:

    • The authentic and real Bandola Llanera made in Carora, Lara. Venezuela
    • Bandola Hard Case (Black)
    • Our Fail-Proof and extremely careful shipping system. 
    • Worldwide shipping - 15 to 30 business days
    • (Canada: Shipping from Ottawa in only 5 business days)
    • Bandola Llanera Online Basic Course at TuCuatro with master Yasuji D'Gucci Included  

    This is a Jaw-dropping Bandola Llanera and you will be more than proud to show it to your friends and family.




    Bandola Llanera Cedar Dark Brown / Cedro Oscuro

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