The Caoba Cuatro is an Inspiring Intermediate Cuatro made with high quality exclusive and carefully selected wood. 

This cuatro is undeniably the best option for an Intermediate Player looking forward enjoying a dazzling warm sound. 

Increase your level and unleash your creativity meanwhile keeping on budget, with this beautiful Caoba Premium cuatro.

  • 17 Frets
  • Body made of Caoba (Mahogany)
  • Soundboard made of Cedar
  • Precision tuning Pegs
  • Negotiated directly with our teacher Pedro Borrero
  • Includes "Sistema Numerado" guide by Pedro Borrero
  • Includes 4 DVDs
  • Includes Hard Black Case
  • Includes 6 month Membership to TuCuatro Basic Course's Program
  • Includes special box for security and protection during shipment process
  • Worldwide Shipping (Cost calculated at checkout)

Add-on: Request it with precision tuning kegs for a perfect tuning every time you play! (not available at the moment)

Pedro Borrero

Caoba/Mahogany Premium Cuatro - Cedar Soundboard - 17 Frets

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