BonaCuatro - Cuatro Electrico

Roberto Bonaccorso

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The BonaCuatro Cuatro Electrico is a signature model on light woods, an electric Cuatro fabricated by master luthier Roberto Bonaccorso. This instrument is constructed with the latest electronics and most curated woods: Nazareno, Padauk, Algarrobo, Arce Rizado or Abeto Douglas and an American Cerezo Fretboard.

This musical instrument comes in handy for playing at concerts on stage, or simply to practice at home by plugging in your headphones.

The Cuatro Electrico BonaCuatro is simply a magnificent specimen. Whether you wish to display it as a work of art or play a beautiful instrument, this is a great part of the collection of Roberto Bonaccorso.

Once you order this product, you will be able to choose between the 4-stringed, 5-stringed or even 6-stringed model.

ALSO FOR UKULELE PLAYERS: A great thing about the BonaCuatro is that it can also be used as an electric Uke! It's as simple as reordering the strings to tune it as a UKE. A perfect electric Ukulele with a significant amount of frets to let you experiment to the fullest!

  • All instruments are constructed upon ordering
  • Time of Fabrication: 3 - 4 Months
  • Worldwide Dispatching (not included in price)
  • Includes High-Quality Soft Case
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