EUROPE OFFER ONLY - REFURBISHED Cedar & Pine 15 Fret Cuatro with Strap

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This cedar & pine cuatro comes from our 15 fret line with great projection and traditional look. The instrument itself was produced with some minor visible details including the positioning of the frets and has been corrected by Dutch luthier Marcel Hustings. Among the corrections, a new nut has been placed at the top of the neck. This instrument has been used and has some minor scratches at the bottom of the body. A great addition to this cuatro is the placement of a sustaining strap which will allow for the player to stand whilst playing. Other than the details indicated, this is an outstanding cuatro with a rich sound.The offer is for countries within the European Union.

  • Minor details
  • Strap
  • Set of quality D'addario strings
  • Softcase
  • FREE SHIPPING within the EU
  • 2 years access to our learning portal

Sale price Price $250.00 USD Regular price $280.00 USD each

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