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Luis Ramirez Hernandez

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*Product images for reference, finished product may differ (woods cuts, details, knots might differ). Contact us for details or see our luthier galleries for customized instruments.


A subliminal concert Cuatro available in CANADA of 17 frets made with mahogany. The mahogany provides a rich sound and is accompanied by fine details provided by additional mahogany on the fretboard. We continue to challenge our luthiers to construct instruments of national woods and have been able to do so with luthier Luis Ramirez. The instrument is being offered with its hard case. 

  • Soundboard - Cedar
  • Fingerboard - Mahogany
  • Fretboard - Mahogany
  • Body - Mahogany
  • Hardcase included
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A small scratch was found at the back of the instrument, it is relatively small but it would cost a bit money to repair, so we're offering this unit with a discount of $120 USD (the cost of repair) for anybody who would like to have a Premium Cuatro and don't mind the small scratch.

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Cuatro venezolano de concierto hecho de caoba. La caoba genera un sonido subliminal y este instrumento tambien esta adornado con detalles de caoba en el diapason y golpeador. Continuamos a desafiar a nuestros luthieres con el uso de maderas nacionales de Venezuela. El instrumento se ofrece con su estuche rigido. 

  • Tapa - Cedro
  • Golpeador - Caoba
  • Diapason - Caoba
  • Caja - Caoba
  • Estuche Rigido Incluido
  • Envío Internacional (Costo calculado en el checkout)