Traditional Cedar Cuatro - 14 Frets / For Beginners


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Colombia Shipping from Colombia

Traditional Cuatro from Yopal, Colombia made with Cedar, ideal for Beginners that are looking for a Cuatro to start.

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This Traditional 14 Frets Cuatro is ideal for whoever wants to have a basic cuatro without expending too much money.  If you are just getting started, then this is the Cuatro for you!

This authentic cuatro has been tested by a musician to guarantee minimum sound quality, although its fabrication is not as to satisfy our musician's ears, it is ideal for someone who is just looking for something to start with.  Simple, affordable and easy to play!

The Cuatro is a re-entrant instrument so you will need special strings.

Aprox. size:  78 cm length, 25cm width.

Cedar 14 frets Cuatro characteristics:

  • 14 frets
  • Cedar Wood
  • Traditional Body
  • Light Weight
  • Without Case
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