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Your instrument, delivered to your home!

TuCuatro is the largest store exotic music instruments and network of professional musicians. We work together to guarantee delivery everywhere in the world. With warehouses in North America, Europe and South America, we're more than ready to help you! 

Call us at +1 (786) 374-2872 and one of our musicians will guide you thorugh the process of buying an instrument.

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"Tucuatro does the best thing...serves the north american market with a niche product...I am Trinidadian and have been looking for a cuatro for many years now...They are very hard to come by in a north america and Trinidad is not the easiest to get to. Thank you all the staff at TuCuatro...going to be using the lessons that come with it soon"

Darren N. - Toronto, Canada

"It is an amazing Cuatro. Its sounds is really nice and I have received the musical instrument in perfect conditions.  I really appreciate your commitment in regards the delivery. It arrived just in time. Thank so much guys!"

Marco C

"The instrument just arrived and in perfect conditions. I just wanted to say thank you for your service ands everything you have done to make it possible!"

Bianca G. - Madrid, Spain

"The Cuatro is just out of it’s deluxe bed and breathing and getting tuned and re-tuned. Definitely having an experience, probably won’t sleep much!"

Francois L. - Portugal

"A beautiful instrument and very well made, highly recommend to anyone looking for quality cuatro at a reasonable price. Five stars"

Julie H. - United States

Shipping anywhere in the world!

How do I buy an exotic instrument if I am far away?

This is a common question we receive in our email inbox at least once a week.    The process used to be not that simple because of the country regulations and excessive controls, but TuCuatro has sealed an adequate way for you to have the possibility of getting an authentic cuatro in your address, anywhere in the world!   We have created this infographic for you to get familiar with the process that your cuatro will undergo as soon as you place an order with TuCuatro: Let TuCuatro take care of the heavy work and we'll guarantee that you will be enjoying the "cam-bur-pin-ton" of an authentic venezuelan cuatro as soon as in 7 business days (for cedar & pine cuatros)...

Call us at +1 (786) 374-2872

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