Collection: Authentic Brazilian Cavaco & Cavaquinho string instruments

Looking for a high-quality cavaquinho? TuCuatro offers a wide selection of authentic Brazilian cavaquinhos handcrafted by skilled artisans. Shop now and experience the true sound of Brazil! Buy your Brazilian Cavaco or Cavaquinho and get it directly to your address anywhere in North America or Europe. 

TuCuatro ships the Cavacos and the Cavaquinhos straight from our warehouse in Brazil to anywhere in the world! For example, If you reside in the United States, you can now easily acquire a Cavaquinho for sale to add to your collection of string instruments. Choose the model you want, and our team of musicians will hand-pick it and ship it to you from our warehouse in Brazil.

The Cavaquinho, a very popular instrument in Brazil, is a small stringed instrument that has a bright and cheerful sound. It is often used in samba and choro music, but it can also be found in other genres, such as forró and frevo. 

Now available at TuCuatro. You'll get your cavaquinho anywhere in North America at your doors, tested by one of our musicians to assure the quality without paying high shipping costs! 

Looking for a specific type of cavaquinho or another Brazilian instrument that's not listed on our site? No problem! Our manager in Brazil can request the specific unit you want to be sent to our warehouse. Contact us for personalized assistance if you're looking for a premium Cavaquinho for sale or any other Brazilian instrument.

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