How to buy a Musical Instrument from anywhere in the world

How do I buy a musical instrument from South America? ...This is a common question we receive in our email inbox every week. 

Before the creation of our online store, TuCuatro, the process to buy a folkloric or exotic musical instrument from remote countries in Suoth America used to be extremely complicated.  First, you had to know someone from there that could speak the language, then he would be in need of contacting local manufacturers, musi instrument stores or acquaintances in order to find out the places where he could find a musical instrument for you.

Once found, he would be in need of packing the instrument and going to a local courier to ship it to you, but, because of the country regulations in most of the South American countries and excessive controls to export an instrument, forms to fill and bureaucracy, he would just find out it was almost nearly impossible to proceed with the shipping, 

Nowadays, TuCuatro has sealed an adequate contract with couriers to be able to offer to you the possibility of getting an authentic musical instrument from South America delivered directly at your doors! We've also set up processes with local authorities, so we can expedite the process of shipping an instrument, and made the whole thing almost seamless for you!

Now, TuCuatro can ship any instrument... to anywhere in the world!  



How to buy an instrument at TuCuatro?

You'll find out that we have a vast selection of instrument to choose from at our online musical instrument store. This list evolves constantly, as we adapt to the various economical situations around these countries. 

For example, for Q1 to Q4 2021, we've stopped offering products from Venezuela, as the country has entered into a spiral of hyperinflation. So we've moved our instruments to our local warehouse in Colombia, where you will find out that instruments ship in just about 3 to 5 business days, right to your doorstep!

Why trusting TuCuatro?

Let us take care of the heavy work for you, you'll just have to select the model you want to buy, do the checkout at our store and pay securely with credit card or Paypal. We'll guarantee that you will be enjoying the sweet sound of an authentic south american instrment anywhere you are in no time!

We invite you to have a look at our cuatro selection and choose the one that fits your needs, kindly visit for details.

Get in contact with the TuCuatro team if you want to inquire on more information or ask for a specific model. We're always at your service!


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