Do I pay for extra duty fees when receiving my instrument?

Whenever you import goods you will be always subject to the specific regulations of your country.  The price you pay for your purchase at TuCuatro includes the International Shipping costs and courier fees, however, the recipient (you) is the responsible importer and must comply with all laws and regulations of the country of destination.
This means that you will be in charge of paying for Customs Duty Charges, Import taxes, Clearance fees and other local/municipal/state fees in the destination country.  We normally see our customers paying anywhere in between 6% to 15% of the imported goods, but this amount can vary wildly per country (Chile and Argentina are known to charge up to 50%! on duty fees, whereas in the US, our customers don't pay any at all for purchases up to $1600 USD )
The good news is that once a package is shipped, the duty officers will communicate to the courier the specific amount to pay so you can expect a call from FEDEX or DHL indicating the details of the final delivery and amount to pay.
The duty fee is due to the shipping company once the instrument arrives to the country, they will call you to indicate the exact amount and payment methods and you can pay by telephone using a credit card or using their web services. 
Other than the previous costs, there's no other cost associated but the cost of the instrument. We include the instrument's basic courses for free and our teachers assist you in every step of your learning with no extra charges!
If you ever have any issue or requiere assistance with the payment of any fee, we can help! TuCuatro can pay the duty fees for you in order for the package to be released from duties, you can write to us at [email protected] to ask how we can help with this.
TuCuatro sends the package with a Packing Slip that indicates the package content's value excluding all costs associated with complementary memberships, services, teacher's fees, etc, so you don't have to pay fees but only on the imported goods (physical goods).
TuCuatro has become the specialized store for folk instruments, we're capable of delivering instruments to anywhere in about 7 to 10 days. This has been possible thanks to the numerous teachers and associates that are working with TuCuatro to guarantee that our customers receive their instruments anywhere in the world.
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