What to Look for In a Cuatro



Just as with purchasing any item, it is always best to be as well informed as possible so that you can make the right decision. TuCuatro is not only the most extensive online Cuatro learning platform, we also have a wide network of international instrument constructors specializing in Venezuelan Cuatros. Each and every luthier (instrument fabricator) undergoes an evaluation stage with TuCuatro to make sure that the instruments are of a top quality and reliability of the vendor. How do we do this? We have an instrument fabricated ourselves! All of the luthiers have gone through this process and are fully trusted by TuCuatro. The quality of the instruments are also guaranteed by the luthiers and if there are any complications, then we will ensure that these are addressed immediately.

Not only is the quality of the instruments tested, the entire experience with the luthier undergoes a rigorous trial. We measure the amount of contact taking place between the luthier and the customer, the duration of construction, price, woods, cases and delivery. For some tips on what to look for when you are purchasing a Cuatro, take a look a the video further below.


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Our complementary educational website is also available for all of our customers. Read the press release here. And you can read a few more articles you can read regarding how to buy an instrument.

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