Authentic Bandola Llanera Cedar woods musical Instrument


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Captivate the attention by playing a Bandola Llanera!

If you ever dreamed about the possibility of having a real and authentic Bandola Llanera, now is your chance to fulfill that dream...   TuCuatro has made it possible for you to buy the authentic Bandola Llanera from South America.

Intrigue your audience by playing this gorgeous Instrument.

This pear-shaped instrument will captivate the attention of almost anybody instantly.  Its sound is deep and remarkable, its tuning is as easy as ADAE and you can be playing it almost instantly with TuCuatro´s online Bandola Llanera course. 

The Bandola you will receive is carefully selected from our inventory, tested by a professional, and placed into a wooden box to guarantee it will arrive in perfect conditions to your doors, anywhere in the world!

This product includes:

  • An authentic Bandola Llanera
  • Online Bandola Course at TuCuatro with master Yasuji D'Gucci Included


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Make your music unforgettable by playing one of the most valuable secrets from Los Llanos: La Bandola Llanera.