Beautiful wooden Harp and Venezuelan Cuatro Decorative Magnet


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NOTE: Shipping from Venezuela continues to be difficult and expensive
The Country is going through a crisis of enormous proportions. We're able to ship from Venezuela but couriers are charging unbelievably high amounts. If you have someone inside Venezuela able to receive the instrument, we are offering national local shipping inside the country for free. If you prefer to have it shipped to your country, calculate shipping prices at checkout (note that they will be very expensive).

Beautiful magnets for white boards of fridges. Make your home warmer with a cute Harp and Cuatro magnet made of pure wood.

These magnets are ideal as a gift. They all have a Venezuelan Flag motive, which is ideal as gift to family members, parents and grandparents.

Qty: 1
Size: 95mm x 60mm average

** Small Pieces. Keep out of reach for children.