BonaCuatro - Cuatro Acoustic

Roberto Bonaccorso

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The BonaCuatro Acoustic is a splendid model of acoustic Cuatro fabricated by Roberto Bonaccorso. This instrument is constructed with the best woods and a traditional shape, similar to the traditional cuatros from the llanos in Venezuela and Colombia.

The Cuatro Acoustic is constructed with Sapele or Cerezo, Alasan Cedro Amarillo for the FRetboard, and a simple piece of wood Soundboard or your option of an ornamented Koa, Nazareno, or Padauk soundboard.

Plus, the Cuatro features a simple pre-amp electronic plug, so you can plug it and play in concerts. A great addition to the collection of Roberto Bonaccorso!

  • Al instruments are constructed upon ordering
  • Time of Fabrication: 3 - 4 Months
  • Includes Soft High Quality Case
  • Worldwide Dispatching
  • Complementary Progress Updates through Facebook