The Cuatro Concert Navarro is made with the most delicate Mahogany woods.  This is a true option for musicians looking to upgrade their instrument and be able to record in studio with a true concert cuatro made by a professional luthier.

Cuatro Concert characteristics:

  • Made with Mahogany / Caoba woods
  • Soundboard made with Canadian Red Cedar
  • Hard Case Included
  • Free Two-year membership included for TuCuatro lessons and courses
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  • Building process: 5 to 7 months

This cuatro is built by request. As soon as you place your order, luthier Navarro will start the building process, which last for about 4 to 5 months.  TuCuatro guarantees the delivery of the instrument and monitors the building process beginning to end.  

You will receive status updates every month with detailed pictures and messages from master Navarro until the cuatro is completed.  Afterwards, our team will examine the Cuatro and prepare it for international shipping and help you with the shipping process until it gets right to your doors.

Saulo Navarro

Cuatro Navarro Mahogany & Cedrorojo with Puy Fretboard 17 Frets

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