Cuatro Strings (Alice) - Cuerdas de Cuatro. Unit or Packs


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It is recommended to replace your cuatro strings every 6 to 8 months if you use it constantly.   Have an extra package of strings nearby for when the time comes by purchasing this product.

Alice strings are great for your Cuatro, these are easy on the fingers and display a good sound.

Buy in bulk for discounts!


Alice strings are designed especially for super concert performance with high quality material applying the traditional techniques with international advanced automatic CNC winding machines. The strings offer clear and sonorous sound, rich harmonics, stable and balance tension, comfortable hand feel, which may satisfy for the performance of various genres of music. A favorite of many cuatro players


Alice ACU02 inch mm
B .028 0.71
F# .022 0.56
D .028 0.71
A .033 0.84