Cuatro Tapara 15 Frets / Environmentally friendly


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Manufactured by Luthier Ángel Guillermo Mora Martínez (Guillo), the Tapara Cuatro is the perfect option for people looking for a rarity that not only looks good but also helps saving the environment.

Angel works from his workshop in South America, Venezuela, from where he finds the tapara in the nature and creates unique pieces for cuatro and nature lovers. He has developed this unique way to express his artistic creativity by using the Tapara, a fruit found in the woods, and use it as a primary source for his instruments.

The tapara cuatro:

  • 15 Frets
  • Tapara fruit for the body
  • Cedar wood for the rest of the instrument
  • Round shape
  • Sounds like a Traditional Cuatro
  • Shipping everywhere in the world

The tapara cuatro is available immediately and ships everywhere in the world. 7 to 10 days shipping times average.