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The Country is going through a crisis of enormous proportions. We will be halting operations at our venezuelan warehouse for the time being. We will only ship this instrument to addresses INSIDE the country.

An excellent concert cuatro of 17 frets made with mahogany and Venezuelan cedar by master luthier Javier Camacaro. The mahogany instruments provide magnificent sounds and few are comparable to those produced by the luthier Camacaro. With a fretboard made with the teak wood and the fingerboard of teak, the luthier brings out the finest of what Venezuela has to offer. The instrument is being offered with its hard case. 

  • Soundboard - Cedar
  • Body - Mahogany
  • Fretboard - Teak
  • Fingerboard - Teak
  • Tuning Pegs - Precision
  • Hardcase Included
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Cuatro venezolano de concierto hecho de caoba con detalles de teca y cedro. La caoba genera un sonido subliminal y fue fabricado por el luthier Javier Camacaro. El maestro luthier sigue apoyando la construccion de estos instrumentos con maderas de alta calidad nativos de Venezuela. El instrumento se ofrece con su estuche rigido. 

  • Tapa - Cedro
  • Cuerpo - Caoba
  • Diapason - Teca
  • Golpeador - Teca
  • Clavijas - Precision
  • Estuche incluido
  • Envío Internacional (Costo calculado en el checkout)


    Cuatro Venezolano Mahogany & Cedar Soundboard / Teak Fretboard

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