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With so many instruments made of woods such as mahogany and rosewood, we are offering this 17 fret cuatro made from a beautiful teak wood. The details found on this instrument and the contrasts between the colors of the woods is a great sight. These are instruments which project their sound and are 100% creole from Carora, Venezuela.

  • Soundboard - Pine
  • Fingerboard - Mahogany
  • Body & fretboard - Teak
  • Tuning pegs - Chrome
  • Hard Case 


**small scratches on the fretboard. One of our associates has tested the cuatro to guarantee the quality and his nails caused scratches on the fretboard. You can see the detailed pictures below.

Our teacher Luis Natera has reviewed the Cuatro again so you can see that although the scratches are there, they are almost invisible to the eye.





Entre los cuatros venezolanos hechos de maderas como el caoba y el palo santo, estamos ofreciendo este cuatro 17 trastes hecho con una madera de teca hermosa. Los detalles de estos instrumentos y los contrastes entre los colores de maderas es unico. Es un instrumento que poyecta mucho y es 100% criollo de Carora, Venezuela. 

  • Tapa - Pino
  • Golpeador - Caoba
  • Caja & Diapason - Teca
  • Clavijas - Plateadas
  • Estuche rigido



Cuatro Teca Woods & Pine Fretboard / 17 Trastes

Sale price Price $349.00 USD Regular price $450.00 USD each

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