Cuatro Venezolano Wengue

Luis Ramirez Hernandez

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*Product images for reference, finished product may differ (woods cuts, details, knots might differ). Contact us for details or see our luthier galleries for customized instruments.

A subliminal concert cuatro of 17 frets made with wengue by master luthier Luis Ramirez. With the exploration and usage of different woods, wengueis a fantastic specimen that brings a warm sound and impeccable aesthetics. The stripes of the wengue with close proximity to each other is what brings out a special quality of the wood. If you are looking for a unique instrument, these instruments are specially commissioned by our luthier specialists to bring the best out of Venezuela to your doorstep.

  • Soundboard - Cedar
  • Body - Wengue
  • Fretboard - Algarrobo
  • Fingerboard - Wengue
  • Tuning Pegs - Chrome
  • Hardcase Included

Cuatro venezolano de concierto hecho de wengue con diapason de algarrobo y detalles de wengue. El wengue genera un sonido subliminal y fue fabricado por el luthier Luis Ramirez. El maestro luthier sigue apoyando la construccion de estos instrumentos con maderas de alta calidad nativos de Venezuela. El instrumento se ofrece con su estuche rigido. 

  • Tapa - Cedar
  • Cuerpo - Wengue
  • Diapason - Algarrobo
  • Golpeador - Wengue
  • Clavijas - Cromadas
  • Estuche incluido