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Professional Maracas / Palo Atravezao - Serpiente Design

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These beautiful maracas are handcrafted with extreme attention to detail, made with exotic woods from South America and used by the professionals. The Palo Atravezao is a standard for musicians who play Joropo, Pajarillo and genres that are played in south american plains.

Directly imported from the plains (Cojedes, Los Llanos), these maracas are perfect for professional musicians who are looking for a real and true percussive sound.

The maracas are built with the following materials: 

- Teak Wooden
- Serpiente Design
- Semillas de Capacho

Price range: High.  Quality Range: High.

Approximate 6 cm in diameter. 

* Sold in pairs. Serpiente Design

Sale price Price $86.00 USD Regular price each

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